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Press Brake & Hydraulic Press
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Conventional Hydraulic Press Brakes
NC Hydraulic Press Brakes
nc hydraulic press brakes
CNC Synchro Hydraulic Press Brake
cnc synchro hydraulic press brakes

Press Brake, Hydraulic Press Brakes, Hydraulic Shearing Machines Manufacturer

NuGEN Machineries Ltd specializes in manufacture of ‘Trimans’ Conventional, NC Press Brake and CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes, Hydraulic Shearing Machines, Hydraulic Shears and other sheet metal working machines for the last three decades in India. The manufacturing facility is based near Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, approximately 500 kilometers north of Mumbai. NuGEN has a workforce of 80 persons, out of which 15 are qualified Engineers.

The company is run by technocrats and professional directors who work full time in various functional areas such as Product Design & Improvements, Marketing, Contracts Execution, After-sales Service, Quality Control, Finance and Customer Supports, according to their area of specialization and core competence.



Model PBR NC 4040

Variable Rake Angle NC Hydraulic Shears
Variable Rake Angle NC Hydraulic Shears
Fixed Rake Angle Hydraulic Shears
Fixed Rake Angle Hydraulic Shears
Extra Edge Hydraulic Shears
extra edge hydraulic shear


  • " We have Six of Nugen Machines working satisfactorily at our Mehsana Plant. We are using 300MT x 4000MM
    and 16MM x 3000MM shear for more than a decade.
    They were obvious choice for our new requirement of 160MT Press Brake and 8MM Shear purchased some two
    years back. "
    Anand Patel- Director
    Apollo Group of Companies
  • " We have received the first batch of Variable Rake Shear, CNC and Conventional Press Brakes in excellent
    condition and installed them already, we are very pleased with the quality, workmanship and support offered by
    NuGEN. We hope to buy more machines soon. "
    Bill Mac Taggart
  • " I have taken delivery of Conventional Press Brakes and Variable Rake Shear. The machine were also on the show
    at smart industry Expo in JH and the response was quite good.
    We look forward to order more machines in the new year.
    I am impressed deeply by the design and manufacturing capability of NuGEN and I am sure, we will continue to
    get quality product from you in the years to come. "
    Corry D.
    South Africa
  • " We are using Auto Turret Punch Press Model : ATPP 12, Conventional Press Brake and Shear manufactured by NuGEN since last two years.
    We are happy to confirm that the Turret Punch Press with Fanuc controls and device is working to our satisfaction and we hope Indian industry at large will take advantage of this machine development offered at extremely economical prices by NuGEN.
    Atul Doshi
    Sign Design, Silvassa.
  • We have installed Fixed Rake Angle NC Shear with Delem Controls and Rear Sheet Support Mechanism at our factory. I sincerely and deeply appreciate the design skills of Mr. N L Vaja and extra efforts he makes in understanding customer needs and be flexible to make changes in the design suitably. We are happy and satisfied with the machine performance and especially functioning of Rear Sheet support for gauging of thin sheets.
    Tarun Kukreja
    Managing Director, De Bono, ND
  • " We are privileged & one of the pioneer customers of TRIMANS. Our association with them is as old as the
    brand. We installed first set of Machines Manufactured by them and we are proud to tell the world that the
    machines even after close to Twenty years of use are still working in good condition. "
    Anil Patel - Director
  • We have purchased three 6 mm x 3100 mm Variable Rake Shears and Conventional 160 MT Press Brake. We also displayed the machine at MTA 2002, Malaysia show and the response generated was quite good. The machine quality as perceived by market is very good and we hope to sell more machines in the days to come.
    Roger Teo
  • We have installed a CNC Press Brake and Shear at our plant in Sharjah. I am glad that I decided to buy NuGEN machines though there were proposals from European Makes. What I admire most of NuGEN is their capability to provide me complete product solution. They did a fantastic job on toolings for our complete product range. The machines performance has been extremely satisfactory with quick support offered through latest communication methods.
    Shafaqat Santrampurwala
    CEO, Task FZC, Sharjah, UAE